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VR multiplayer Instalation

Creature Comforts is a multi-user VR experience where participants interact with the common goal of creating an artificial life-form inside the virtual space. VR technology is commonly used as a solitary experience, replacing the physicality of the human experience with a virtual world that dislocates the user from beings around them. Our experience seeks to use the technology to enhance and expand the human experience by using the extension of our senses to create an experiential commons with other users within the virtual space. Through the performance of specific physical movements achieved in tandem with the other user, a platform for mutual virtual creation can be realised. These movements are discovered by the users throughout the duration of the experience, that ‘rewards’ the user with visual feedback that helps the life-form grow. As the users do these movements together, the life-form evolves and mutates in response to the physical care and nurturing the users achieve through these motions. Our goal was to create a platform that broke down the barriers of the solitary VR experience, and create a conceptual link between minds in the virtual world, an encounter that is unique to this technological model, but an idea that is as old as the earliest cyberpunk novels.

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