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Interactive Instalation

In Manifesto III (and the hairy red demon’s emoticon)
because the other II are obsolete, or how to find a name for an introduction, while our Instagram boils of new suggestive and sexy images of blind interpreters of the surrounding. An army of cognitive dissonance patients unable to understand that we suffer from it. We, mankind, complain about the damages of our planet, but we keep mixing our garbages because recycling occupies too much space, using oil, but it’s not our fault, and wishing to arrive at home, in January, to turn on the heating system until we reach the 32 C, so we can be sleeveless during all year. An altar to Gaia in this matrix society. We talk a lot about nature ‘lol’, often confusing it with landscape, and imagining just the hardware part of the concept, or the visual characteristics of the physical matter. Nature goes further, but our perception has strong difficulties to perceive it, mainly because we trained so much our eyes and forget that we have, at least, four other senses. Maybe in a close future we will be able to extend our perception through specific artefacts that will make from humans a civilisation of cyborgs finally connected to the gaia system. Being mushishi, or mushi haunters
to discover mushis and the flow of nature. The name of the installation ‘mushi’ comes from the Japanese anime Mushishi created by Yuki Urushibara. Mushis are small creatures that live in between human and nature, and are non visible for most of us.
This project explores the unhidden layers of our natural system through several sensors spread in a forest or a natural landscape. Different stimulus such as the presence of people, humidity, wind, sun, etc, will activate the sensors and create a multi sensorial interaction, such as a specific sound, or light effect. The uncontrolled composition of effects will draw a virtual space with light and sound, in this natural place. With ‘mushi’ we pretend to amplify our perception from nature, and show that we can perceive much more than trees and soil. 

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