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Digital/analog Instalation

Loading Lilith’s Paradise or how the long time utopia of Paradise end up being a dystopia. The promised garden, the isle in between the apparent chaos, present in most of the mediterranean born religions, were humans and other animals could symbiotically live nature, turned into a damaged non continuous topos, where our grey spaces grow in detriment of most natural processes, altering all the loops we had known until now. Might it be because we, humans, were having power over nature? Maybe it was just fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the guessed and the strange, fear of us being Nature. Fears become myths, myths may have become dogmas. Adam’s house in Paradise is small, is big, is individual, is isolated, is closed, is dark, is discontinuous, is shy, is a prison, is deaf; and mute. is blind, bold, blame, BLANK. And then, Nasci Nasci
or how Lilith’s demands Paradise dropping new creatures on it. Organisms that resemble life and death, new technological creatures that mimic nature, that live thanks to it, and die because of it. Prosthesis in between nature and humans that enable a dialog, not a burden anymore. Small prototypes that embrace bodies, not just containers. Do we still have time to repair all the broken loops? Nasci Nasci means born in Nature and evoques a new relation in between us, exploring what it would happen if we put a new technological organism inside nature, and how one system could benefit the other, as a perfect symbiosis. A system inspired by natural processes, bacterial skin and skeleton-like design that performs movement with the minimum energy. The project proposes the creation of three soft robotic creatures that will be activated with the circulation of energy. The system(deposits, tubes and creatures) will be displayed around the space, and interact in between the plants, present on it, and the visitors, suggesting a new upcoming future where we live in constant dialog with our environment.

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