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Hydraulic Robotic Instalation

ORGASMOS is an art installation that interprets the physical and physiological consequences of female orgasm and translates it into space, in order to allow users to have a sensitive approach to the experience of the sexual response cycle of women. Starting from the image of a dense neurovascular bundle of about 8000 sensory endings that irrigate the orgasmic platform, a small group is invited to enter a closed dark space, with the walls covered by a set of thin and transparent tubes, within which, during specific moments, a red fluid circulates, allowing it to enter one of the most irrigated tissues of human anatomy. To improve the experience, ORGASMOS part of the second phase of female sexual response, the arousal phase, until the last, the resolution phase, passing through orgasm, the center part of the piece. With a total duration of 200 seconds, the tube set begins to move slowly, closing around visitors while filling with red liquid. When the orgasm phase begins, known to last about 20 seconds, the whole system physically reproduces the rhythmic movement of spasms in space and time, getting further and further away from visitors after each spasm. During the resolution phase, the pipe system, begins to relax and slowly evacuate all the liquid. Thus, to enhance the sensory experience, ORGASMOS is accompanied by a program of light to make the user feel as if they were experiencing a spatial female sexual response.

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