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Digital/analog Instalation

Something only exists if somebody feels it. To perceive it mentally and physically, one must feel it and interact with it. From these two premises space becomes real in the eyes of the observer. Until that point, space exists but isn’t part of one’s imagery. This project creates a real space that constantly moves and manipulates itself, without needing to interact with someone. From the moment one enters the data matching, this space seizes to exist in a parallel universe and comes into existence in the observer's imagination. The development of this work was based on the attempt to communicate between computers/computer and computer/human. The project is a complete system that establishes the communication between two computers. One produces the visuals and the other the audio. The production of each content depends on the other and there’s always real-time communication between the visual and audio. When a person is detected by the system, there are new variables that manipulate the current, influencing both the audio sound and the visuals. The human is inserted in this conversation between computer/computer, creating a more complex system of computer/human/computer.

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