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VR Instalation

In 2019, we, cyber-humans(human + device) are halfway to become post-humans, a state that sets the mind free from our physical constraints. Since one of technology’s greatest achievements is the speed, that gives us the ability to multitask without the need to leave our relative position, so the idea of movement have already been separated from our body. One of our biggest fears is that if in the constant use of technology, to devote ourselves to Cyberspace, we will be allowing our minds to be manipulated, losing the opportunity to under- stand technology as a prosthesis of our shared minds. What if we were spending our lives reinventing this cyberspace? It could be the space of paradise, a self-organised nature of mankind bits in a constant symbiosis with Gaia. Increasingly enormous collections of data processed in between our Real and a commonly shared virtual reality, where we, almost post-humans, inhabit borderless. LOOP is a physical space in Maia, that only exists there physically, but all its complexity occurs in cyberspace. Both realities, physical and digital, are treated as one space that is able to set the mind free from our body, sums of 0 and 1 embodying us, a place of naturalised binary language to wrap up our psyche. (end) Loop was a combination in between a digital space and a physical space, in the digital we had a website were, as we entered, we would become our ip looping in graphical texts, meanwhile in the physical, located on the container in Maia’s Picua’s Park, we could play with a joy-stick that was controlling the magnetic fields inside of a tank with ferrofluid, therefore creating different mixtures of ink, that was falling every time a person was connecting in the website.

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