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VR Instalation

As humans, we share consciousness in an invisible layer, this layer is our collective memory that exists only because we represent. Outside of it, our entire existence would disappear with us as singular individuals. From the moment we represent an idea, in any form, we are creating information, when we share it, it is transformed and reinterpreted. Architecture lives from this sharing of information, representation and communication of theoretical or practical concepts. Through digital media, this sharing of information has reached a point where it is instantaneous, which makes its interpretation even more complex. The invisible layer of our shared consciousness exists in a space and is increasingly visible. The human exists today in cyberspace with characteristics different from those we have been accustomed by the world's reality. In this space we exist as virtual beings and in it we leave a mark of our passage, we really live as the homo ludens, the human that Huizinga described as the man who plays, later adapted by Constant in the project of New Babylon. This space we created, THE CITY, is a survey of how we as architects interpret cyberspace and think of it not only as a deposit of information but also as a sensory space. A digital space that we inhabit with the mind through the virtual reality using the visual apparatus and with the body balance through a platform.

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